Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A mini forum I belong to has been running an ongoing post about show me your craft room. So in case you wondered where I go to create and build my minis its in this room. The photo on the left is the closet that holds books, gifts from family, rehabs,  and future projects like the 3 shelf box next to the Christmas room box. The other photo on the right is the main wall of the room that holds kits, fabric, lighting and of course the TV and VHS/DVD player. I'll have to take a better/closeup photo but the witch in the orange dress is a cloth doll my aunt made me a few years back. Have I mentioned all the women folk in my family are crafty? My mother currently takes huge bags of wool and washes, dies and then spins it into the most beautiful shades of yarn! Aside from that I'm waiting for the water to receed from all the rain we had on Sunday/Monday from Issac. Back to mining for me.  Have a great day everyone.


Unknown said...

You have a whole room??? Lucky =(

Haha.. I am still at the dining room table but I did convert the large bookshelf into my own craft section >=)

Jennybee said...

Hmm Maybe that's why we don't have a dining room table. lol Yes I must admit it I do really like it. Its actually the spare bedroom but since we don't use it and our family lives nearby we don't ever get overnight visitors. I do have to share it with the dogs (3) when I'm in there though, they even have a dog bed and a basket with a pillow in it for them to lay on. So with that and the craft table its not a lot of room but still a place to keep all my little things. I still on occasion pull out a card table into the living room to of course keep the husband company. ;-)

Hopblogger said...

Hello Jennybee, Love your blog,and your craft room - so crafty. It seems like a big room. Love your witch doll - I love those things also. Go see my other blog with my porcelain doll that I bought at the thrift store -so easy to turn into a witch.
Many hugs and kisses sent your way,

Jennybee said...

That word verification is the pits isn't it?!?! Its all gone now! I completely agree bent hats give them more personality!! Have a great day and mini hugs back to ya.