Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Love That Clay!!!

I may need to go to or start an Addicted to Air-dry Clay group. LOL  

Hi, my name is Jennybee and I’m addicted to air-dry clay. I just can’t stop using this stuff and fear I may need a forklift to move one of my projects I am working on before it ends! You can see all the bumps and lumps on the unpainted version but ohh I do love the painted version. This is actually 2-ish (yes I am making words up) layers of clay. The first layer I thought was a little flat so I added more here and there and with my clay tools (fingers, end of paint brush, knife or whatever else I had on the craft table) till I got a more stone effect. Then the painting by adding it in layers of various colors. Also before I forget if you do go out and find this clay make sure you get the white and not the Terra Cotta (unless you really really want that version) the packaging is exactly the same except in the top right corner of the package it will say white or terra cotta. Its not the same in any way shape or form. For me when I tried to roll it out it was very soft and almost thinner and stuck to my roller than the white version. Also it dries much lighter to a almost pink color if you will. I still gave it a shot and used it but ended up covering it with another layer of the white. Yes I did say I may need a forklift in the end...LOL  

I also got the Creatin Contest kit from miniatures.com It just seems like a fun challenge and not to big... besides I have the entire year to get it built and decorated so that's doable right?!? 


Now let me think of my mini list to complete this year...maybe!
  • Creatin Contest 
  • Christmas Project
Hmm I think this will be a very busy year.

New Year New things to learn and play with

Hello everyone!
This year I decided to start the year off right and throw caution to the wind and play with air dry clay. If you want to see a bigger picture please click on the image.  I have used paper clay before but for small things like tree stumps for the Bait Shop in the Swamp. But after Jane from MiniFanaticus told me and showed us on her blog a new brand of air dry clay I had not used before I was intrigued. I really like this stuff!! It does dry much faster, so for me I worked in small areas and just added more as I went. Do you like my wonky bricks, they were fun to make? The photo colors don’t match but I did this on purpose so you could see all the bumpy, nicks, crannies and texture.  Shrinkage was also very minimal. Also if you live near a Michaels craft store using the ½ off coupons are awesome!

If you don’t mind me asking…
How many of you out there use air dry clay for your projects?
If you do use air dry /paper clay what is your favorite thing to use it for?
Do you have a brand that your prefer and if so why?
Do you make your own?

Thanks in advance for your answers I know there are many different types out there and I was curious.
Have a great day everyone.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Recycling Old Stuff

Do you ever have those pieces of furniture you have acquired and just have been sitting in a box or drawer and not sure what to do with? I’m guilty of this!! I try to off and on go through the said drawer to remind myself what is in there and it just so happened one of my misfit toys err adult collectible found a new home . Many of you may have seen them before and they come in different styles. Mine looked kinda like the one in black & white except for that big red X, I never had a ceramic bowl.  But what I did find in the other bin drawer labeled kitchen stuff was a small tin bowl and it fits! Also yes I confess I have a labeler and try to keep mildly organized. Anyways I made some modifications to the sink, removed the shiny (cause you know how much I love shiny furniture – sigh I sanded forever on the bedroom set - lol) added wonky panels to the bottom to hide cleaning supplies and upgraded it to running water.  More minis to come, I have quite a few things in the works, I just need to remember to take the before and then the after pictures. Sometimes I get too excited and forget to take the before pics. 

So my question for you now that I have shown you my remodel is do refurbish/re-purpose any of your minis? If you have I would love to see what you have done! 

Have a great week everyone.