Thursday, August 23, 2012

School spirit

School Spirit...Hogwarts style.
Over the weekend I was busy on many little projects. One was moving 2 rooms around in the house and after finding some supplies and making some too like school banners, required reading and Quibbler magazines all in the bedroom the room is finally coming together I think. I like the trundle bed although it needs a new older looking mattress and some aging on the wood.

The whole house is coming along, I have started the looonng task of making filler books for the bookshelf. The fastest way I have found so far is having different sizes and thicknesses of balsa wood and covering them with either scrapbook paper or printed paper to resemble books. Also I have also come to realize some things will just need to be glued in! I woke to a bang/crash the other night when the kitchen cabinet decided to jump straight off the wall out of the house and onto the living room floor. lol Everything survived but now resides on the floor in the kitchen till I can glue the cabinet in.

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