Thursday, February 5, 2015

Howdy Neighbor

Hello mini friends,
Today I wanted to share with you a project I just finished that I call Howdy Neighbor.  Its the smallest scene created by me yet! The little house and people are resin but the rest was from things I had in a craft drawer and it all fits in one of those acrylic baseball boxes. In one of the photos I added a spool of thread to give you a idea how small the scene is. I think its train scale or 1/48th maybe? Either way it was a fun change to go from 1/12 to this small because I had to be more creative with the plants and didn't use any paper punches

Speaking of scale which scale do you prefer to work in and why?
If you work in smaller scales are you able to find things you need like trim and accessories or do you make your own? Also if you work in quarter scale do you add lights to your kits?

I was thinking of a upcoming project and wondering if I could add some of those tiny LED lights and if that would work, maybe use them for recessed lightning a shop...

Have a great day everyone.

*If you want to see the image larger just click on the photos.