Monday, August 12, 2013

Inside the Lily...

In case you wanted to see a little more of my adopted Lily here are some inside shots of the three floors fully decorated. So much work went into this house I am really having fun moving stuff around. Heck there is even a ceiling fan!! If you want a closer look just poke the photos to make them bigger.

Also I have been working on some of my own mini things which I will show you later this week, some is for the Witches house and the other is a super secret project that may or may not be going in a box to a dear friend hence the later this week.  ;-P
Have a great week everyone!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Lilly

I got to meet a fellow miniaturists in person a few weeks ago… She was in need of some space in her house and was offering up a couple of her houses. I was more than happy to adopt one, so may I present to you my new Lilly. It came fully decorated inside and out plus a couple of surprises.

Even though the fellow miniaturists was making room, I could not resist and brought a few made things from me as a thank you to her for the house.
I'm not sure about you but usually when I make minis I always make a few extra of the same thing like books, flowers and baskets because I can always use them in a different room or scene or give them away. 8-)  So that’s what I did and complied a little bag containing one of my paper baskets, flowers, couple of books and a crocheted doily.
I have plans for this house but at the moment the Lily has to be very patient, I have another project I am working on and it demands more attention...    Mini can sure be needy sometimes! lol
Have a great day everyone.