Monday, August 6, 2012

Kitchen, bathroom and mice

I believe these are all essentials that every witch or wizard, even the ones in training that have not passed their OWLS yet!   Hmm was that a hint about who will be living in the house?.? Maybe!! (Insert evil grin)

So the kitchen is coming along and as you can see I have added upper and lower cabinets on the back wall. If you are asking yourself that they look familiar, they should. Those are the wooden hutches from Michaels craft store. I’ll see if I can find another one so I can post a before picture. I basically separated the upper and lower parts in half then glued those together side by side. I also added a strip of balsa to the bottom of the lower cabinet to raise the height.  I still need to add a frame around the stove and add the ceiling lights, but it’s getting there. Ohh here is a question for you… The lights I got are LED, the kind that takes watch batteries. So I don’t want to permanently glue them to the ceiling. But I was wondering if something like poster putty, mini hold wax or magnets would work? Has anybody done this before and if so what do you recommend?

The bathroom is almost done, I have to add garbage in the trash can and some dirty clothes or towels thrown on the floor.  Most of the items in here are from 2 Chrysnbon bathroom kits that I glued, stained and added dirt to.  Also I could not resist to add yet another top half of a craft hutch. I must admit I have quite a few of those around. I went a little hutch mad a while back when there were rumors they were no longer going to be selling them and I went to the closest stores and bought all they had! Over the weekend I noticed I have mice that moved in and I’m sure as soon as the cat hears about it all heck will break loose.  But for now I’m not telling, they are just too cute.

I would also like to take a moment to thank all the followers I have and please know I do take the time to read your blogs as well.  I find lots of useful information, eye candy and just plain enjoyment from reading your adventures and looking at all the wonderful creations you come up with.
Have a great week everyone!


Cinderella Moments said...

Hi Jennybee! I use those same battery LEDs. To hold them I use Simply Tacky. It feels like a Silly Putty. You can use it over and over and it holds that battery and switch in place. I bought it at Hobby Lobby.
I love that little glass/greenhouse. And your cabinets are marvelous.

Maria Ireland said...

So glad I found your blog at last :) I love the bathroom. The kitchen is looking great. Fantastic work.
Hugs Maria

Jennybee said...

Thanks for the kind words and advice Caroline and Maria. I find great joy in creating miniatures and find great inspirations from everyone's blogs.