Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Potion Shop

So this weekend I was worked on my second shop of the Street Shops.  I know a long while back I posted pictures of the other shop but this one is the potion shop. If you would like to see a larger version of the photo please give it a poke with the mouse.  The interior walls of this kit were fun to make and a little messy. After sealing the walls with primer I smeared tacky glue and added tissue paper. I think I got more depth/texture in the walls this way and when I painted them I did it in many layers of watered down colors. In the bottom photo I made a rack from scrap wood and wire to hang all the drying plant material that I conveniently found in the back yard. A lot of the non-glass jars are made by me from paper clay including the pumpkins. The scrolls and books are also pieces of scrapbook paper or card stock that I cut, stained, shaped and painted. The small bookcase and cabinet with doors are Michael hutches; the one with doors was broken at the bottom so I cut that part off and aged to look older.  The old lady/witch was a birthday gift made by my mom a few years back. I’ll take close-up of her and the front of the shop when it’s nicer outside to get better light. There you will be able to see the straw broom and the mouse someone partially turned into a cup. The poor dear, that witch really needs to put that mouse back.


Unknown said...

I love the herb rack as well, some day.. not soon.. BUT SOME DAY, Im doing a medieval Tudor with herb racks and bottles around.

I'll be sneekly snatching ideas from some of your wonderful table tops. >=)

Jennybee said...

Thanks Jane and sneak away, if you need any help just let me know I got plenty of weeds in my back yard! Have a great mini day!