Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Spring Fling 2013 Contest Entry

Hello and Happy November everyone!!!

A few months back Jane (from MiniFanatics) and I got the wild crazy idea to both enter in the Spring Fling Contest that is put on every year by Greenleaf who makes some pretty cool kits.  If you are not familiar with Greenleaf they have a pretty wide variety of houses and carry something in each of the three scales. (1:12, 1:24 and 1:144). For the past few years their design team comes up with an affordable kit with many optional upgrades and offers it at a special rate only during the contest time. Anyone can by the kit at this price and you don’t have to enter but if you do you could win gift cards to use on their website to well but more kits and such. Lol
Ok back to the story…so Miss Jane and I got this wild and crazy idea since we both had purchased the kit but to actually build the kit and enter it in the contest. All the while we would cheer or poke/prod each other along to get it done.  Huge far far away hugss to you my dear friend and warm toasty wishes cause yeah we BUILT THAT KIT!!

Plan one come up with a theme. Miss Jane's was WAAAYY cool a Treetop Creature Shoppe!!! Mine was a Bait shop in the swamp.  If you poke the photos they will enlarge to a bigger size so you can see more details of my build. My goal for this entry was to: add elements I had not used before and well complete it. But is any build ever complete?!?!  No not really I think at least in my case I can and will add more items from time to time.
The second set of photos show more details that I just could not get into the 3...Yes only 3 photos that were allowed to be submitted. Next time I do a kit like this I will make the roof removable so I can get a higher overall shot.
What elements did I add that I have not done before you may ask.
  *Wood siding cut on a huge not quite as scare saw table now. lol
  *Fake water
  *Trees knees and stumps - made from paper clay by me

Whats my favorite pieces, that's easy the fish with guts on a cutting board (got to find a photo of them), jack-elope, and the possum!! Whats my least favorite - I don't really have one but I must admit you all know my LOVE for waiting on glue to dry. I LOVE to wait for the tube of clear caulk to go clear - - DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! No really it said clear but came out of the tube white and the areas i had the gloop thick it took a good few days to clear up.  The last set of photos below show the stumps and knees in the raw format, gloop in varying drying stages and a closeup of the swamp area. As always thanks for looking and more photos coming soon of the Halloween party and a Christmas project.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Party at the Withces House

The Witches are at it getting the party room ready for the big Halloween bash.They /cough kindly asked for me to make some little flags and I came across the cat and mummies at the local craft store for 50% off.  More pictures to follow of the party room. Happy Halloween Eve everyone!  

Friday, October 25, 2013

I have an addiction to pumpkins!

I do love this time of year. The weather gets in the low 90's to high 80's with the barest hint of the chance the nights might drop to 75. lol  Its true I swear!

But I must also admit the pumpkin season has arrived and is in full swing even in mini. I have whole and carved ones for the Witch's house. The whole orange ones were made by my very good friend Miss Jane from Minifanaticus and the carved and ghost ones were made by Blake over at Abohemianbazaar.  If you poke the picture you can get a better look at them all and if you notice two of them are lit up. No I didn't get them that way but I got brave and with a craft knife (and a cheer of Minis Fear Me!!!) I made very small holes in the back of them and inserted the smallest LED lights I had. The LED lights are the battery kind with long thin wires so I can tuck and hide them. I'm so excited about how they turned out. Ohh hoho now if i only has a flicker LED light...... I think that may be next on my want list. I have more posts in the work of projects and even a sneak peek of my Spring Fling I have been working on. I am finally finished (as well as a mini person can be) at least by the deadline. So this weekend lots of photos and then pick the best three. Have a great evening everyone!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Inside the Lily...

In case you wanted to see a little more of my adopted Lily here are some inside shots of the three floors fully decorated. So much work went into this house I am really having fun moving stuff around. Heck there is even a ceiling fan!! If you want a closer look just poke the photos to make them bigger.

Also I have been working on some of my own mini things which I will show you later this week, some is for the Witches house and the other is a super secret project that may or may not be going in a box to a dear friend hence the later this week.  ;-P
Have a great week everyone!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Lilly

I got to meet a fellow miniaturists in person a few weeks ago… She was in need of some space in her house and was offering up a couple of her houses. I was more than happy to adopt one, so may I present to you my new Lilly. It came fully decorated inside and out plus a couple of surprises.

Even though the fellow miniaturists was making room, I could not resist and brought a few made things from me as a thank you to her for the house.
I'm not sure about you but usually when I make minis I always make a few extra of the same thing like books, flowers and baskets because I can always use them in a different room or scene or give them away. 8-)  So that’s what I did and complied a little bag containing one of my paper baskets, flowers, couple of books and a crocheted doily.
I have plans for this house but at the moment the Lily has to be very patient, I have another project I am working on and it demands more attention...    Mini can sure be needy sometimes! lol
Have a great day everyone. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Shiny furniture never more...

So I have this thing about empty rooms in the witch’s house and I put this shiny red lacquer furniture in there to not have an empty room, but its been bugging me… So much so I don’t think I have posted many photos with this room included. The shiny red furniture is ok don’t get me wrong and even though the hutch does not have back legs it still rested nicely against the wall.
Then out came the box of furniture kits and after some rummaging I found a dinner table, buffet table and cabinet that looks like a writing desk with drawers but has a 2 door cabinet with shelves up top.  If you click on the photo to make it larger you can see I have used my standard making things look older technique. This includes watered down shades of black and brown paints, sanding, more watered down paints, sealer and even more sanding. The cabinet is still on the craft table with clamps on it while the glue dries. But so far I think it will look better in the room once it’s all complete.  This room will also have a theme…….. It will be the party room all decked out with candies and party favors including a few surprises from my dear friend Jane!!  No photos of those yet but they will soon follow, then I can add things like cobwebs and octopus tentacles.  Yepp that’s what I said.  I love when a plan comes together!!