Saturday, April 13, 2013

Attempting to Crochet Mini

You know when you get this idea and you think I REALLY want to do this. I had this idea and I do like challenges bbuuutttt.........Dagnabit this is tryin my calm.  HAHA  First let me say to all those who knit or crochet with thread I applaud you! Thread is soo small and depending on what color you use it can become hard to see. But with the help of a unicorn movie, a good led light and a pair magnifying glasses I was able to crochet the multicolor doily!!  The other one in black was one of my first tries. Its wonky but I think it has its place here as well and I'll add it to the sewing room. Maybe half sticking out of a drawer or in a pile. I like my wonky stuff and each one has a special place. Now if I can only make about 50 more doilies in the same size and not wonky I can attach them and have a blanket. I think this will call for more movies and maybe chocolate! If not I'll just have lots and lots of doilies. Do any of you use doilies in your mini scenes?

Then I got an award from Illyria. Thank you soo much lady.

So to follow the rules here are bloggers under 200 that I like to read and or have bookmarked for reference and inspiration.

My dear friend Jane:

Nicky CC:

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm going to try not to go cross eyed from crocheting in mini. HA

Monday, April 8, 2013

Mushrooms a plenty

When I was going over the vegetables I had made I noticed I didn’t have any mushrooms.  WHAT is this madness I say …No Mushrooms and it’s a witches conservatory. Well I certainly had to remedy this. So out came the clay and with inspiration from my dear friend Jane and her wonderful creations, mushrooms were made. These were fun to make and fairly easy to do aside from time to time the clay would get too warm/soft. I think maybe if I work with thinner clay next time maybe I’ll keep a baggie of ice nearby to touch with the tips of my fingers or something to cool the clay a bit.  Do any of you have this problem and if so what do you do?  I also picked up some black Fimo to make some kettles/cauldrons/pots.  This I had even more problems with because I didn’t realize until after I opened the package and started smushing it around its soft Fimo. This really got floppy the thinner the container got, and then after I cooked it I noticed it still had some give.  Has anyone used soft Fimo and if so what do you use it for?  Today I’m going to hop over to the local craft store cause they have the clay, acrylic paint and foam brushes on sale.  The three things I seem to be going through like a wild woman. Have a great day everyone!