Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Felt

Last night I was looking at my felt squares and then I had a thought…FALL
So I grabbed some supplies listed below and went to town. I think if you kept it simple this would be a great project for the smaller family members too. Heck this could even be a great project for them to make as gifts for family members like grandmas and such.  I come from a very crafty family so we are always making gifts.

Ok, ok back to what I did…

  • Felt - in various colors
  • Buttons – different shapes and sizes
  • Glue – I just used Arlene’s craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Leaf and flower shapes that you can trace over the felt or cut out shapes you printed from the web if you like.
  • If you scrap book and have one of those sizzix machines then this will be very easy especially if you have one of those die cut shapes.

For the base piece of felt I started out with a square and then rounded off the edges, then cut out lots of different leaves and flowers in a variety of colors. Next I laid them out in an eye pleasing manner.  For me that was on the edges since the ceramic pumpkins that were going to set on them would take up most of the center part. Did I mention pumpkins?!?  After I found a look I liked I started to glue them down on top of each other and as a finishing touch I added a button in the center of each flower.

Ok I hope I was not too long winded and not too non mini.  Next post will be mini. 

 Also a big welcome to Vicky and Illyria for becoming followers of my blog.  I am truly glad to have found the mini blog world it gives me such inspiration from all over the world and the ability to meet people that if not for blogs I would never have gotten to know. Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Show & Tell

Happy Monday everyone!!

Also a big hello to Wyrna for joining my blog and my mini adventures. So today being very close to October I thought I would do a little show & Tell.  First to show my wonderful pumpkin cauldron made by Ella Rose Miniatures.
I just love, LOVE this... Between the pumpkin shell and the octopus legs it could not be more perfect! Of course now the fight begins as to where it will reside - the potion shop or the big house. Who knows who will win this but Verda is threatening not to clean if it does not go into the house. LOL

Have you ever seen those acrylic boxes that you can put a baseball in as a souvenir?  My lovely mom had a few when the local craft store put them on sale and sure enough I got cool gift. Poke the picture to enlarge it and you can see the little table and chairs she made from scrap wood.  Of course to complete the scene she added pumpkins and Jack Skellington!!
Now if the weather would just get cooler we would be all set!! Have a great week everyone.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Books and clay

Hello everyone Happy almost weekend!
This week I have been bust playing with clay and some old leather I found in the shed.
I don't know if you have the same problem but I always seem to have a smig or pinch of leftover clay and it always ends up in the misc bag. Well when that bag gets full enough I make books like the 3 in the photo. Its rather fun I just take the different colors and in very technical terms just smush them all together until I get these varied swirls. lol then with pale clay i make the rectangle for the inside as pages then wrap the colorful layer on the outside and then cut and shape. Then with a blade or knife I make indentations to make the inside clay look like pages. After I cook the clay to at the recommended temp and time I can then use watered down paint to make the pages more visible.  I also found some scrap leather which I cut and wrapped around pieces of balsa to help fill my bookcase. If you poke the photos you can also see my version of the mouse that was half turned into a cup by one of the still in Hogwarts. Thats it for now I need to go see if I can change that poor mouse back before someone tries to drink from it. Have a great evening.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Potion Shop Witch

And here she is, isn't she wonderful?

Potion Shop

So this weekend I was worked on my second shop of the Street Shops.  I know a long while back I posted pictures of the other shop but this one is the potion shop. If you would like to see a larger version of the photo please give it a poke with the mouse.  The interior walls of this kit were fun to make and a little messy. After sealing the walls with primer I smeared tacky glue and added tissue paper. I think I got more depth/texture in the walls this way and when I painted them I did it in many layers of watered down colors. In the bottom photo I made a rack from scrap wood and wire to hang all the drying plant material that I conveniently found in the back yard. A lot of the non-glass jars are made by me from paper clay including the pumpkins. The scrolls and books are also pieces of scrapbook paper or card stock that I cut, stained, shaped and painted. The small bookcase and cabinet with doors are Michael hutches; the one with doors was broken at the bottom so I cut that part off and aged to look older.  The old lady/witch was a birthday gift made by my mom a few years back. I’ll take close-up of her and the front of the shop when it’s nicer outside to get better light. There you will be able to see the straw broom and the mouse someone partially turned into a cup. The poor dear, that witch really needs to put that mouse back.