Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I know I have been away for a while but after becoming a proud momma of about a 100 tree frogs (yes I did say frogs). lol   So short story on the baby tree frogs. We have a big rain barrel in the back yard and the adult frogs decided it was the perfect place to lay all of their eggs in one place instead of the pond. Smart frogs right? Yeppers, so instead of the pond fish eating their little ones we got to take care of them. Take care of them you say??? Why yes, you feed them and when the barrel overflows from too much rain we went around the back yard and captured them again and again so they could could have a fighting chance. We really like them and last year we lost a lot of them when we had the cold frosts.

Not to mention all the fun stuff life throws at you well...I have a cool new project. I know I have a few but sometimes you have to take a break from some because... one the mailman rings the doorbell and you hear this little voice in the box saying open me! Well let's just say the little voice wins. In April I had a 40% off coupon and bought the kit you see in the picture. I just love the idea of a front opening house but this one has acrylic panels that are removeable on each floor to help keep you mini treasures safe from little hands and dog hair in my case.

Right now I have the first 2 floors put together and am working on the third. This weekend I'm putting stir stick flooring in and molding. I'll take more pictures and post I swear!

Have a great evening everyone and happy mini-ing!