Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Finished the couch, dressed 2 dolls and hung the pot rack

Busy busy thats me!! Since I last posted I made a dress for the doll in the kitchen. I still need to give her some sort of boots but for now she is at least happy to not be in her undies! The other doll next to the couch is a dress I got off etsy from Stuck in the Mudd which I think looks great as well. I also finished the couch I had been working on. Its another Chippendale kit and I was not really feeling that default blue fabric that came with it so I thought the black with little swirl dots would fit in fine. I also got the pot rack up in the kitchen. You cant see it but I used a round filigree disk. I bent the edges so when I glued it to the ceiling it would not lay flat. This way when I hung the pot rack I could turn the s hook that the chain hangs on to it would not touch the back wall. This also allows me to be able to easily swap out the rack if I need a bigger one in the future. I went a little etsy crazy not long ago and got some signs from Katie's Clay Corner I do love her Halloween signs and some other items which after I take some new photos I will post. You can see the Hocus Pocus one in the kitchen, the other one I got is a witches broom and says if the broom fits fly it!! The kids stole it and put in the upstairs bedroom where they have all the Hogwart house banners. Thats it for now, I'm off to finish carving pumpkins.  Have a great HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chair and Hanging Pot Rack

Jane made me to it...

Well no not really but she did inspire me to do something totally new and something I have never done before.
Tada..... I give you hanging pot rack.  I got out my sketch book and a ruler for proper sizing and then began to draw out my design. After that I got out my wire and began bending, curling, and cutting until I got a shape I liked. Then with the help from my husband we soldered the pieces together. Once it was all done I then covered it in paint and added the chain. I think for a first try it turned out pretty good and for a witch and wizard kitchen it will fit in nicely.  I also have some old Chippendale kits I bought a while back and pulled out a chair and couch. Take a poke at the picture if you want a closer look. I found the fabric at Joanns and thought the print was not too big for minis. Since its going to go into my witch/wizard house I wanted it to be a little wonky so I left one leg off and used books to hold it up. I still have some staining to do on it to make the fabric look older and used and I think it needs a throw or maybe those doilies on the arms to give it a older feel. The couch I'll have to post next time as its still in parts ans has no  legs.  I would also like to welcome PrettyMade's Fancy, Eliana, Victoria, Anne and Angeles for following my blog. I really appreciate it.  I do follow all your blogs and enjoy all your mini finds and creations. This week I am going to try to finish the couch and put my poor mini kitchen back together again. I decided to move things around in there and pulled everything out. Now I have pots and pans all over the place. No really I'm not kidding, I even have soup cans in the upstairs bathroom. Please don't tell Verda, so far I have kept her out of there but I'm sure its only a matter of time befire she catches on and yells!  Have a great everyone.