Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snails, chair and sheep

Its been quite busy here at my place. I have been making minis and cracked open the conservatory box. I have an idea for it and even a chandelier I got at a mini show over the weekend. I'm just a little excited about this build and have many ideas... I got other things at the mini show like battery LED lights, metal record player kit and fabric trim.  I'll try to get a good photo of the chandelier and post it.
Over this past weekend I made some slugs and snails, currently the poor snails have no eyes but I still think they are cute and fear not mini folks they will have eyes this weekend. The slugs however will not have any and well they are just slimy slugs. lol
Oh do you remember the white and green writing desk I made for my mom? I thought she needed a chair too and with that flower fabric I showed you I made her one for Valentine's day. Lastly I would like to introduce you to new members of my mini world the sheep. Aren't they cute? I got them from LugArt petit, I could just have a whole herd of them in every color.
The week is almost over everyone I hope its going well for all and try not to work too hard.


Plushpussycat said...

Hi Jennybee! You've made some adorable mini slugs and snails and chairs (oh my!), and I love your purchases. Lugart Petit makes such wonderful minis! Your conservatory with a chandelier project sounds really fun! xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

I love those sheep, little cheeky expression ;)

That sure is a fine set of snails you have there *Hugs*

afairytalecometruewyrna said...

It looks good. The chair you made for your mom is super nice, have you done ​​it yourself?


Maria Ireland said...

Your chair is beautiful. I love your snails :))) Your sheep are so cute.
Hugs Maria

Jennybee said...

Thanks Jennifer, the snails were soo small I was surprised I didn't bend them or break them.

Jennybee said...

Thanks Wyrna, yes I did make the chair, it was from a Chippendale kit. I was lucky enough a few years ago and got a variety of kits. I have now made 2 of those chairs. The other one was the 3 legged one I made a while back for my 3 story house.

Jennybee said...

Thanks Jane, ya know come to think of it they would probably look good in your spring room. /wink!

Jennybee said...

Thank Maria, I think they all are too, now to find a nice little place for the sheep to call home, I'm thinking maybe a vignette with lush green grass.