Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the Night before....

I think I'm safe to post this since I know the new owner of this writing desk is still wrapping presents. The desk is from a kit which I put together and painted in a layers of green and white. Then sanded off some of those said layers...Its funny how we spend so much time painting our minis and then sanding the paint back off. lol
I also made a little frame which I painted in like colors. The waste basket was also made by me, it was my first try and will stay with me to go into my witches house. Its not bad for a first time I think, but the next one or 20 will turn out much better I bet. Then maybe I will give one of those away. I think I will need one of those lighted magnifiers though,  lord have mercy even with my glasses the white wire and white thread was gettting hard to see.

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elizabeth s said...

Hi Jennybee, I had to chuckle at your comment about all the white wire getting hard to see, EVEN with your glasses! I Feel Your Pain. There are nights when I am cross-eyed and nearly blind by the time I call it quits! I have also considered a lighted magnifier and I'm sure, if my eyes could speak they would say "YES"!!!!
I think "First Tries" are really special and I agree with you that it should be kept, others may follow but there will never be another by which you can measure your progress. Love your posts