Friday, February 1, 2013

Yep I went there and in pink to boot!

Ever wanted to be able to reposition a piece of fabric? How about an apron? I wanted an apron in the witches kitchen but with the idea that if I wanted to move it around and hang it off a hook or drape it off a chair I could. Of course not sure if I wanted a long apron that hangs off your neck or one you just tie around the waist I made both! First thing I did was grab some scrap fabric from basket and to mix things up I picked pink too.  lol I know your probably thinking what is Jennybee doing right? I went with pretty standard shapes being this was my first try but did add some folds in waist aprons and a little pocket.
I think I will make some more this weekend in some other colors. What do you all think? Any colors I should stay clear of or is there a certain color you would like to see one in? Do you prefer the type that hangs around your neck or tie around your waist? Don't forget to poke the image to enlarge it for more details. 

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading.


Unknown said...

I like both patterns, remember dark is a state of mind ;P

If you ever saw my closet you would think I was hoarding the Adams familys clothes.;) all black grey etc, but I do have this one sweat suit I wear " vibrant neon pink"

I always think on the full around the neck apron as a classic look ;)

Lucille said...

Hi! I just joined your blog. Sorry, I don't have one of my own. Your aprons are so cute. Personally, I use aprons that tie around the neck because they give more protection especially when I'm wearing something nice. I can't look at your whole blog but I had a look at your chairs. I love the finish on them. I'll be back to have a look around and see what you have done from the beginning.

afairytalecometruewyrna said...

I like both types. I think they must have different functions. As I remember it, the one who tied on the waist is for the housewife and the one to the neck is for the cook. I have both types, but has inherited the waist from my mother.

Jennybee said...

I do have a Wednesday's dress somewhere from when we have a local theatre and every Halloween they had a huge costume contest and showed Rocky Horror with full audience participation. My friends and I all went as the Adams family. My closet runs inn the fall colors all dark reds, oranges, greens and of course grey and black. Although. I too have a pink hoodie.

Jennybee said...

Thanks for following my blog Lucille. I agree on the around the neck apron because cooking does get a little splashy and it does help.

Jennybee said...

I did not know that and that makes sense too about the different types. I bet that inherited apron from your mom brings back great memories.

Cinderella Moments said...

They are adorable! The measuring spoons hanging on there is so fantastic!!