Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Workshop

Back before the only local mini store went out of business I picked up a previoulsy decorated room box for a steal. Now realizing how much I had to do to it I understand why it was a great price. Ha When I got it the floor was covered in pink velvet and multiple layers of wallpaper. The walls had the wallpaper not wallpaper over the pink velvet flooring. That would have just been plain crazy! So of course to make it into my Christmas workshop I had to sand, peel and scrap out all of that to make it what it is today. The flooring is coffee stir sticks which I glued and stained. The walls are covered in scrapbook paper with wood trim. I also added the two windows which I had in a drawer not being used. If you click on the photo you can see the table I stained and painted and the little elf girl all in red. She is one of many my mom and I made. We made quite a few of them, they are porclean which we had fired at a local shop then painted and strung together. Over the past couple of years we have been dressing them and giving them as gifts and she made me this one. I think she fits in the room great. Also might I brag . . The snowglobe was also made by her from glass rods melted with a torch. The fridge is a Hallmark ornament that when opened the inside has a light. Ok now I'm really off to do get some decorating done. Have a great weekend everyone and Happy December 1st!


afairytalecometruewyrna said...

It sounds like a lot of work, but the result has been so nice, lovely and charming details.

Unknown said...

Holy moly thats a nice christmas cache!

You ladies do fine work, the elf girl is beautiful ;)

Its beginning to look alot like Christmas...*sings song*

Ruth said...

Awesome! I love "kit bashing" and Trash to treasure. There are some great trath to treasure links I could give you...tomorrow maybe....need to hit the hay now!