Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Lilly

I got to meet a fellow miniaturists in person a few weeks ago… She was in need of some space in her house and was offering up a couple of her houses. I was more than happy to adopt one, so may I present to you my new Lilly. It came fully decorated inside and out plus a couple of surprises.

Even though the fellow miniaturists was making room, I could not resist and brought a few made things from me as a thank you to her for the house.
I'm not sure about you but usually when I make minis I always make a few extra of the same thing like books, flowers and baskets because I can always use them in a different room or scene or give them away. 8-)  So that’s what I did and complied a little bag containing one of my paper baskets, flowers, couple of books and a crocheted doily.
I have plans for this house but at the moment the Lily has to be very patient, I have another project I am working on and it demands more attention...    Mini can sure be needy sometimes! lol
Have a great day everyone. 


elizabeth s said...

Hello Jennybee! I am so happy for you and your new Lily doll's house! I know that often times the need for MORE SPACE in our Real Life homes, determines just how much a person can reasonably keep! Sometimes, too, we just out-grow a dollhouse and want to refocus on something else. I gave away a totally furnished doll's house to a good friend of mine, many years ago for both of the afore mentioned reasons and I gave it to her, just because I knew it was going to a very good home. Your friend no doubt knows that you will foster this home and give it the attention that it deserves, How delightful for you both!


Unknown said...

Wonderful house! I know it will be loved in your home and I do see some fabulous Piscean type wallpaper in there, awesome. ;)

Eliana said...

What a lovely house!
I really want to know all the details of your new purchase. Please hurry up to show us.
Enjoy it!

Plushpussycat said...

Fantastic adoption, Jennybee! How exciting! I can't wait to see the inside. It looks like a gorgeous house. xo Jennifer

Jennybee said...

Thanks everyone, I thinks its a cool kit and it was on my wish list. So ..check one down on the list. lol