Saturday, November 17, 2012

Todays letter is F

For frames and flowers - not fudge. If I made any mini fudge I have to make the real stuff and then it would be complete caos in the Jennybee household from all that sweet goodness. And well its really close to turkey day and I'll prob have to make a few things for that.
I needed some frames for my house and thought I would try to make them out of paper clay. Did you know miss Martha Stewart makes molds? Yepp she does and a little while ago while wandering through the local craft store I came across them and one of them had picture frames in there. So with coupon in hand they became MINE!
I was not sure if the clay would stick to it or not but after the first try I was relived and no sticking although the frame did come out all wonky because I pulled it out of the mold before it dried. Second try was much better, but then I had to waaaiiitt till the clay had dried. I must admit waiting for things to dry is a evil word with me.  lol This is why I end up having a very mess craft table because I get in the mini mode and then I have to wait, so hey I grab another project and then have to wait for it to dry. So then another project. . .  Its a never ending cycle but I did get frames worked on and the kit for marigolds out and in varying degrees of completition in the works. Egads that was more glue drying. lol  Also if you click on the photo you can also see my little acorn caps too! I found a bunch of these and thought they would make nice hanging baskets. I made two with the wire at different lengths, what do you think? I know one will go into one of my shops, probably the potions shop and the other might go into the kitchen. I'm thinking of taking some moss and yes glue down in the bottom of the acorn cap and then making some mushrooms to place on top.

Also my blog buddy Jane from MiniFanaticus just opened her Etsy shop if you have not been to Jane's blog before please take a look. She makes some very cute things and comes up with some great ideas.
Have a great weekend everyone!


Maria Ireland said...

Your frames are wonderful.
Hugs Maria

Unknown said...

Those frames turned out awesome!
..chocolate molds huh..humm

I think that is the worst part of minimaking, you can either sit there for hours letting something cure or dry or you can start working on 20 other things..but then I just have 20 unfinnished things laying around...

I ..guess we could just try working on 2 things..BUT THATS CRAZY TALK!!! <3

Hopblogger said...

Hi Jennybee!
Love your frames. Absolutely the worst part is drying!
Many hugs, conny

Ascension said...

Una buena idea utilizar las bellotas.
Preciosas flores y lindos marcos, enhorabuena por el trabajo.
besitos ascension

Cinderella Moments said...

HaHa! I know what you mean about waiting for things to dry. You made cute minis! Happy Thanksgiving!