Monday, July 21, 2014

Adding frames to the walls and a weather vane

Hello everyone!
Just a quick post from me so you know I have been working on miniatures I wanted to show you some new frames and pictures I am adding to some truly bare mini walls and a weather vane I picked up at a mini show.

First things first the frames are those resign ones you can buy in a multi-pack. They were originally white with a grey wash over them to give a more faded look. They looked good but I think if I put those in one of my mini scene my witches would throw a fit! lol
So I painted them black and with a very elaborate  technique  - aka I took the lid off some shiny (yes I actually am using something shiny) bronze paint and with my finger I rubbed it over the raised pattern on the frames.  Then I found some cool Hogwart-ish images and some witch silhouettes and glued them to the back side. Annnd Done! Now I think these will do just fine on that bare wall and I only need maybe 10 more frames. HA

Ok Ok back to the mini weather vane!!! I picked this up at a local mini show and it actually turns/spins. Of course I am not completely sure what I am going to do with it yet but I know I just really had to have it and will use it in the near future. 8-) I'm not sure who the creator of the vane is but I can tell you the prices on her table were marked in pounds. Maybe it will find its way on the new room box I acquired...  Have you ever of a Fantasy Craft? I have a older room box they offered as a kit called Craftsman Style room box. I'm kinda excited about it and have never seen one like it before. It has a front porch with steps, a big wide window and door then a back wall and roof. The two side walls are acrylic so you can see from both sides. Below is a picture I found on the web of what the kit looks like but you know me it will not end up like this. I'm thinking rustic old kitchen or something. Who knows but I'm sure when I get it and see it I will know.

That's it for now, I hope you all have a great week. My next step will be making potion jars and tackling flower kits.


Unknown said...

Fantastic wares Mss. Bee!

I do love the touch of shiny on top of the dark frames, they do look antique!

That weather vane is fantastic just perfect for the old wait we are not talking about me..


Marisa said...

what a great weather vane I need one for my pole barn and I've never heard of a craftsman roombox thank you for sharing that info I'll have to google it


12Create said...

I like the technique you used on the picture frames and the weather vane is fabulous. I also love the house kit and look forward to seeing what you put in it.