Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Year New things to learn and play with

Hello everyone!
This year I decided to start the year off right and throw caution to the wind and play with air dry clay. If you want to see a bigger picture please click on the image.  I have used paper clay before but for small things like tree stumps for the Bait Shop in the Swamp. But after Jane from MiniFanaticus told me and showed us on her blog a new brand of air dry clay I had not used before I was intrigued. I really like this stuff!! It does dry much faster, so for me I worked in small areas and just added more as I went. Do you like my wonky bricks, they were fun to make? The photo colors don’t match but I did this on purpose so you could see all the bumpy, nicks, crannies and texture.  Shrinkage was also very minimal. Also if you live near a Michaels craft store using the ½ off coupons are awesome!

If you don’t mind me asking…
How many of you out there use air dry clay for your projects?
If you do use air dry /paper clay what is your favorite thing to use it for?
Do you have a brand that your prefer and if so why?
Do you make your own?

Thanks in advance for your answers I know there are many different types out there and I was curious.
Have a great day everyone.


Unknown said...

annnd I forgot to say..Looove your wonky bricks!

Why Ms bee whatcha workin on there?? hummmmmmmmmmm?


Illyria Miniatures said...

Oooh... these bricks turned out great!! I love that they're not exactly perfect. I immediately thought that these would look great in a Diagon Alley scene :D I guess I'll always be a Harry Potter fan at heart, even if my interests take me away from the wizard theme from time to time :)
Great work, I think I should try playing with air dry clay sometime. Maybe when it's warmer outside so I don't make a mess on the kitchen table, hehehe.
So to answer your question... I have used air dry clay (the brand I used is DAS - I don't know if you have it in the States), but not much for minis. Just a few smaller things here and there but I don't like it as much as Fimo because it likes to crack up. Perhaps that's just this brand though. I haven't tried paper mache yet but I do want to at some point.
I can't wait to see what you create next!

Jennybee said...

Hello Ladies, For some reason every browser I try will not let me reply to your comments. Its very weird. But I can comment on my own blog so I'll count this as a reply.

Ms Jane..This clay is very addictive and making these bricks were much more fun than the jug-o-bricks i have that i glue individually on like what are on my street shops. Now I need a few more hours to use another brick of this stuff! Maybe Ill post some more pics of what i am creatin. ;-P

Jana, I thought that as well regarding Diagon Alley and of course all things in the Potterverse! I would love to one day create my own version and Hagrids's hut as well! We have DAS in our stores too but I have not used it yet.

Have a great weekend to you both!!

Hannah said...

I'm late to this post.. but wanted to answer anyway =)
I have never used paper-clay/air-dry-clay, but I'd really like to try, even more now I've studied your work more closely =) Looks great. I think it most be easy not having to deal with the oven all the time. But I have always been afraid it will dry too quickly.. But I guess I just have to try one day =)