Sunday, May 12, 2013

Books, crochet, and little orange fuzz

I needed more books for the witches sitting room but since I was on a roll I just kept making more. As you can see look like they have been used quite a bit, maybe even more like journals that have been opened and closed many times with the edges all curling up. They are going to be part of something I am trying to finish up this week and hopefully you all will like it.

Also I just can't stop crocheting, its actually quite fun and of course for me I need to keep doing it to get better and to teach myself to make the loops consistant. So far I have small doilies and the large tan square  and the black round one which I may just unravel and then redo into a square as well. I think either square or rectangle shapes will suit my needs and well maybe these will go with the books. haha

I also got a couple containers of this stuff in the bottom right corner of the photos its called Flower Soft and comes in many colors. Some are just one color and other containers vary like this one in orange/yellow/black. I love this stuff! I guess it was originally made to be used for scrapbookers making cards and stuff but my mini mind went Oohhh this will work for flowers.  I used it in a mini scene I made for my mom which I gave her yesterday for mudders day. Yes I did take photos and I will post them this week, I just didn't want to post them before she got it because my mom reads my blog.  Ok gotta run for now but to all you moms out there Happy Mother's Day to you.

Jenny Bee

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Unknown said...

I got to see the gift!! nah nah !

It was amazingly beautiful ;)

I say keep crocheting till our fingers fall off.. then you can just pick from the bin when needed ;)

You make such lovely crochet minis :)