Friday, January 18, 2013

Chairs anyone

I found this fabric at Joanns Thursday and I really like it. I know, I know its a little on the sweet and cute side but hey its 2013 right? I can make cute if I wanna. So this weekend me and the cute fabric have a date. Besides I can always darken it with a little tea if its too light.  So beware evil glue I'm comin for ya! haha Have a great weekend everyone.


Unknown said...

Its sweet and cute ..but in a dark and sinister way *muahahah*

Hopblogger said...

Hello Jennybee!
I am positive that it will look great when you are finished. So cutesy - but you have something up your sleeve! Hahahah
Mini hugs and kisses,

Jennybee said...

I like the way you think Jane!!

Connie, Yes of course I always do now as usual I am waiting on them to dry. sign... Story of my life. Now I can find that clock I'll be good. hmm Wonder if the spoons are in cahoots with it. ha

Cinderella Moments said...

I love that fabric! I can't wait to see the little chair.

Jennybee said...

Thanks Caroline, I really like it too, still debating if I should go back and get a yard of it before they run out. I can see many uses for it since that print is soo small. With a small piece of lace I could even picture it as a apron even.