Monday, July 2, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy...

In case anyone wanted to know the size of the kit it's
32"W x 10 1/2"D x 33"H I still don't have the base on to the full height
Biggest I have built yet! One of the best things I liked about the kit is its open in the front and not too deep. The table it will permanently stay on is in the living room and not much deeper than the kit itself. But long enough I could put a greenhouse at one end. /wink  The table is also tall enough that you will not have to bend way down to see into any of the rooms. Once it’s all set up I’ll take a picture of the area to give you a better idea.I have not completely decided on what each room will be aside from:
1st floor kitchen/hall/sitting room
2nd floor bathroom/bedroom/study
3rd floor bedroom/bedroom/storage space
The rooms in bold are still iffy and up for grabs as I go.

I also was able to install flooring, ceiling and baseboards in most rooms and even got the outside walls painted and washed in a dark dingy color to show age. This week I will be staining the wood framework that the acrylic panels sit in and put the base on.
Here is a question for everyone… Do you attached felt to the bottoms of your kits that you place out on tables so they don’t scratch the furniture and can easily be slid? The base is MDF, and I was not sure if I could glue some heavy duty felt to the bottom frame and if so what would be the best glue.  I have actual wood glue, gorilla glue and the standard Arlene’s tacky glue.

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Hopblogger said...

Great Blog! Love the little cottage. Cannot wait to see who will live there.
Many hugs, conny