Thursday, March 1, 2012

Been working on another hutch

I have been working on another hutch for my mom's shop. This one I aged a little differently and added more worn areas. I also knitted a green scarf that's tied around the pitcher of flowers and the purple one next to the jar. I think next time I do that I will need a large magnifying glass. lol  The flowers are also made by me from some flower punches I had laying around. In the closeup picture you can see where i painted the tips of the petals white. Not too bad for a first try I think. I also created a open drawer on the hutch from some left over balsa wood I had. This will allow for even more mini things to be just overflowing in her shop.  The basket of yarn/thread is little pieces of thin card stock that I wrapped embroidery thread around.
Have a great evening everyone, and thanks for reading my blog. 

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Ascension said...

Te esta quedando fantastica.
Me ha hecho gracia el titulo de tu blog "El lado oscuro de un adicto al Mini".
Aqui en España, somos pocos los que disfrutamos del lado oscuro de las minis, hace un tiempo un amigo de las minis decidio que nosotros estabamos en ese lado oscuro jejeje
besitos ascension