Sunday, February 19, 2012

Michael's hutches

I had a few of those hutches laying and thought I'd work on them. One of them will be for my mom. She has a kit that is going to be a yarn shop. So I think the lighter one will work and have enough room for skeins of yarn. The first time I separated the top and bottom of the hutch I actually sawed them apart. The next one I did I stuck it in the microwave at 15-20 second intervals untils it warmed the glue enough and allowed for a much easier separation. I think I will stick to that method.


Norma Bennett said...

Who would have thought the microwave would be so useful for deconstructing furniture! I've used it too and I think it's great having tried other ways that take way too much time.

The light one will be a nice backdrop for a display of yarn.

elizabeth s said...

Hello Jennybee I have visited your blog before and read this great tip and tried it out myself. It REALLY works. There are times when you want the glue to stick forever and there are other occasions when it should let go. Have you noticed that when you want it to it doesn't and vise versa??? Thanks for the simple but practical solution to that' Fighting To Hold On' type of adhesive.


Jennybee said...

Yes glue is very tricky that way,I'm currently building a buffet table and I swear the legs don't want to stay on. Grrr