Thursday, February 5, 2015

Howdy Neighbor

Hello mini friends,
Today I wanted to share with you a project I just finished that I call Howdy Neighbor.  Its the smallest scene created by me yet! The little house and people are resin but the rest was from things I had in a craft drawer and it all fits in one of those acrylic baseball boxes. In one of the photos I added a spool of thread to give you a idea how small the scene is. I think its train scale or 1/48th maybe? Either way it was a fun change to go from 1/12 to this small because I had to be more creative with the plants and didn't use any paper punches

Speaking of scale which scale do you prefer to work in and why?
If you work in smaller scales are you able to find things you need like trim and accessories or do you make your own? Also if you work in quarter scale do you add lights to your kits?

I was thinking of a upcoming project and wondering if I could add some of those tiny LED lights and if that would work, maybe use them for recessed lightning a shop...

Have a great day everyone.

*If you want to see the image larger just click on the photos.


BiWuBär said...

Hi Jennybee,

thanks to Jane I found your blog... I'm looking forward to follow your work and progress from now on. Wow, that tiny scene turned out great - beautiful landscaping.

Greetings from Germany

Ilona said...

This small scene is gorgeous work!
No, personally I haven't ever worked in such a small scale, so I'm afraid I can't help you.....but you can always try to do so ;)!
Kind regards, Ilona

Unknown said...

Oh Ms.Bee its a wee bit of fantastic mini makin it is! You really made this little bit o land quite beautiful and green..oh I miss the green!

You know me, I want to frolic in half scale fields forever..I may make a trip to 1/4 scale someday ;)

I like scraps and little things I find in my bin for supplies..but that is no shock ;P


Idskesminis said...

It's a work of art! I think it is smaller than 1/48th. If you measure the height of one of the characters and say this is 2.5cm=1inch. An average person is around 180cm=6foot. Divide 180 by 2.5= 72. Which is 1/72th scale.

For the use of very small LEDs have a look on Karin Corbin's blog, she makes glitter houses in micro scales and uses led lights in those.

Drora's minimundo said...

The scene is lovely!
I love working on small scales. It's fun but you do have do create many of the minis. I use match sticks and wooden laser cut fans, and of course punches for the landscaping.
Hugs, Drora

Giac said...

Hello JennyBee,
Exquisite work. The detail is so well done and just beautiful.
Big hug,

kellyannmo said...

Jennybee!!!!! This turned out so beautiful... I love it!!!
I adore 1:48 scale, I am adding lights to my Pickett Pond (a first time for this scale)... I got my lights at True2Scale ... she has a simple little tutorial also.
Congrats on a really adorable piece :)

Hannah said...

Great mini house!
Before I only had a Lundby dollhouse, they are 1:18 scale, so I worked in that scale, and then I started 1:12 and I tried 1:144, but that's a bit too small. I'd like to try more scales too =) 1:12 is fun and easy to find stuff for, but it takes a lot of space =)

Contrastes-Rosa Mª said...

Una escena encantadora, me encanta esta escala, felicidades:-)